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    The header on one of my pages is behaving strangely; it’s marginally lighter than the other pages. Once I scroll down it reverts to the correct colour.

    The page is here: https://www.berkeleysquarecopywriting.com/?page_id=83

    The issue persists even if I change the colour of the header: it’s always a slightly lighter version of whatever it should be, but once I scroll it’s fine. I’ve tried inspecting to see what the issue is, but I can’t see anything that’s obviously happening to cause this.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Ben

    It looks that page is set to overlap the header. This shouldn’t be happening with no Meta Slider in place but can you try editing the page, checking the Page Meta Slider box in the right column, disable overlap and save the page. Any difference?



    That did the trick, thank you so much – I would never have thought to look there . . .

    Cheers Andrew!


    Andrew Misplon

    Sorry about the hassle, glad that did the trick 🙂

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