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    Hi all!
    I just updated Polestar theme on my site.
    i got a visual problem on my footer. The footer was on 50% left and the other half was blank. On phone I can see all right.
    I use Polestar with Page Builder and Polylang for hreflang. This is my Footer widget configuration:
    my configuration
    Polestar sets 2 columns but the widget are ONE per language!
    code with 2 columns

    before last update all works well. 🙂



    sorry… those are the link for images:

    View post on imgur.com

    View post on imgur.com


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Dario

    Thanks for posting.

    I’m not sure what changed on the Polylang side. There isn’t anything in Polestar that changed with regards to the footer widget count, not that I’m aware of. Historically, this was always an issue. The theme counts the footer widgets and sets a column width based on that count. I understand why this is happening, I haven’t seen a way yet to avoid this, I looked yesterday.

    Please, try adding the following to Custom CSS:

    #colophon.site-footer .widgets .widget {
        width: 100%;


    Hi Andrew,
    thanks for you fast reply!

    I imagined exactly what you said. but, no. there are a couple of other codes to implement to set all right because it depends on the widget used on Layout Builder.

    I’ll try to write to Polylang Support. thanks you!


    Andrew Misplon

    It would be quickest if I could take a look and write the CSS for you so feel free to send a link.

    If you’re reaching out to Polylang, you’d need to specifically ask how we can exclude widgets not displaying for the particular language from the count seen here: https://github.com/purothemes/polestar/blob/45812c11bdb717e0013de386d49987276e9803e2/footer.php#L33. Without that specific question I think they might just send it back my way.

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