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    I’m attempting to make changes to The Events Calendar CSS. I’ve tried using a copied file into a Events Calendar folder within the Ultra theme, and I’ve tried using the Simple CSS plug-in. I’m using CSS code that I’m finding on the Events Calendar website (documents, forums, etc). However, only some items will work in the CSS plug-in but not all of what I’m inputing is impacting the design of the site, although I’m taking this directly from the code they are providing.

    I know you are not responsible for The Events Calendar 🙂 But I’m curious if different coding is required to make it work with the Ultra theme. Are you aware of any issues between The Events Calendar and the Ultra theme?


    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Tricia

    Thanks for your question 🙂 I’m sure I can help.

    Any changes to the theme will be lost during the theme update process. You ideally now need to make use of a child theme that’ll keep your changes safe. Which file did you copy into the “ultra” theme folder?

    To assist further, I’d need to see the specific page and know what change you’re trying to make and what CSS you’ve used to make the change.



    Can I just use the Simple CSS plugin to make these changes? Although I guess there might also be changes to php files. The file was here: wp-content/themes/ultra/tribe-events/tribe-events.css

    This was done by following The Events Calendar instructions. Where would I need to place the file in order to create a child theme?

    My site is still locally hosted on my computer, hoping to have it available on a staging site soon, so unfortunately I can’t share it with you just yet.


    Andrew Misplon

    If it’s CSS only then you can make changes just using Simple Custom CSS. All themes completely overwrite their own folder during the theme update process which is why you can’t safely store any changes or new files in the theme folder. Same with plugins.

    When assisting with CSS we usually inspect the issue, this allows us to easily see what’s happening with the page’s styles and can advise from there. I can help without seeing your site if the list is small. It’s more challenging because I’ll need to install the plugin and recreate each situation. What changes are you trying to make?

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