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    I started noticing the problems below after WP forced the 4.7 upgrade for me but not sure if that’s what is causing the issues.

    1. Everytime I select the “Customization” link on the side Dashboard menu this pops up: “The theme directory “twentyseventeen” does not exist. Also the edit menu that should be in the top black header that has the company email & phone # disappeared so I can’t select the other “Cusomization” link.

    2. The footer on all my pages are gone.


    Andrew, I think what I was calling the footer is the black bottom bar. I don’t want the footer to be displayed and it was the bottom bar that disappeared. We can scratch the footer problem list.




    Andrew, I got it working. I went back to the Theme page and selected the blue “Customization” button on the Ultra theme and that fixed the problem.

    I feel I wasted a lot of you time and I’m sorry but thank you and Happy New Year!!



    Andrew Misplon

    Fantastic! Really glad to hear all is normal now. No worries, getting things working is most important. All the best and chat soon. Cheers 🙂

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