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    There seems to be an issue with guests posting comments (or posting comments in general) on the website I am working on, On 4 of the 5 posts, there is no indication or link that will allow guests or registered user to comment on the website. However, today there are two comments on the latest post, ‘2016 Volvo XC90 T8 Twin-Engine AWD Plug-In Hybrid’. Is there a way for users to access the comments or display on the non-premium version, or will the upgrade be necessary?



    Andrew Misplon

    Hi Vernon

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Ultra Premium offers AJAX comments which just means that the comment form won’t need to reload when an error is present (empty field etc.). There definitely aren’t any restrictions in the free version to core features like comments.

    Your comments are activated but are on the single post page, that’s standard across all WordPress themes. If you click on the GTR post for example, comments are at the bottom of the page.

    Here is what I suggest:

    1. Go to Appearance > Theme Settings and locate the section in Blog called Archive Post Content and change it to Full Post Content.
    2. Also in the Blog section of Theme Settings, enable the setting labelled:Post Comment Count
    2. Go to each of your posts and insert a more quicktag where you want to split the post:

    Give that a try and let me know how it goes 🙂


    Andrew Misplon

    If you’re keen to make two small design tweaks (home title space and comment form button), please try this:

    1. Go to Plugins > Add New, use the form top right to search for Simple Custom CSS. Install and activate.
    2. Go to Appearance > Custom CSS and insert:

    /* Home */
    .home.siteorigin-panels-home .site-content {
    	padding-top: 0;
    /* Comments */
    .comments-area .comment-respond .form-submit .submit {
      margin-top: 1.78571em;
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